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Crickex Affiliate commission: We all know that crickex has created an enormous opportunity to make money with 0% risk. Many marketers and social media content creators are using this opportunity and making passive income from this platform. Yes! You guess that right! Crickex affiliate programs are getting very famous among marketers so quickly only because of this handsome amount of affiliate commission. 

But many of us don’t know about crickex affiliate commission. If you are one of them, then don’t worry! You just come into the right place. In this article, we will talk about crickex affiliate commission in detail and will learn as much as possible. 

But before going to the main topic, we need to know about some basic of Crickex affiliate programs

What is this crickex affiliate program?

crickex affiliate program
crickex affiliate program

First of all, we need to know what an affiliate program is. An Affiliate program is a marketing strategy in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit, signup, or sale they generate for a merchant.

Recently Price also started its affiliate program, and thousands of affiliate partners are joining. However, it can benefit both the company and its affiliates. 

We already used the word “commission,” exemplary? Let me just remark that cricket gives almost 40% commission on every deposit of a user who registers and bets on their platform- which is impressive! But yet, the game is not over yet. 

If you want to calculate the actual amount of crickex affiliate commission, you have to learn about something more. You must maintain some conditions if you’re going to get the highest payout from this platform. Now, let us enter into the main topic of our today’s content! 

Cricket Affiliate Commission Details according to the latest update of 2023

crickex affiliate commission

Ok, so at last, we arrived. So, in this part, we will talk about some of the significant conditions and rules or indicators on which your actual cricket affiliate commission depends!

The total percentage of Commission:

According to the platform advertisement, they promised to give around 40% commission of the total winning price of the customers brought by the affiliates. But it is not a total percentage of crickex affiliate commission! They will give a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 40% commission. The rate will increase if you pass every single affiliate level. 

For example:

  • If you pass level one, they will increase your commission rate from 10% to 12% or 15%
  • If you give level two, they will increase your commission again, which happens in every single level.

However, the percentage of increment is flexible at some levels. It depends on many more indicators/rules-regulation.

The number of total turnovers:

The commission rate will also depend on the total turnover. You may need to learn what a turnover number in affiliate marketing is.

Let me just explain in some simple words: In affiliate marketing, Turnover means measuring the speed a company sells the products or inventory it has on hand.

The number of customers you bring in their platform

Your commission will also depend on the number of people you bring on their platform. According to their rules and regulation, you must bring at least three customers using your affiliate link to get your first payment. 

Let me come to the essential part. How is the commission calculated? What is the formula?

The basic formula for calculating commission percentage:

Suppose, You bring a customer name “SHUHASH.”

Now, Shuhash has taken a trade/bet of 100 Rupees.

And the Cricket platform has charged 10% of fees, which means 10 Rupees.

Now, if you are at a beginner level, and the commission percentage is 10%, then you get a commission of 1 Rupee. 

If if,

  • The trade value is V
  • Your commission percentage is C
  • And the percentage of change is F

Then your commission per trade will be V.(C/100). (F/100)

The operating charge will be charged.

20% of your total commission will be charged as an operating charge at the end of every month. For example, if you earn 10,000 Rupees in a month, then 20% of the 10,000 rupees will be charged. And your actual output will be 8000 rupees. You may check the betting Bkash site.

How to get a crickex affiliate commission in your hand?

Withdrawal method: 

  • UPI
  • PhonePE
  • Bkash
  • PayTM
  • Nagad
  • Meezan Mobile Banking
  • Summit Mobile

Withdrawal date: Your payment will go directly into your bank account on the 5th of every month.

Why your crickex affiliate account will be suspended?

crickex affiliate commission

Do not use fake information.

They will just break your account if you use any phony information. However, they will verify your NID card information. The account also should be operated by you. 

Do not use multiple accounts.

If you open multiple accounts from a single device, both will be suspended. So be sure to make only a single cricket VIP account. 

Your customer should only open one account.

The same member creating numerous accounts does not participate in income distribution. If the platform finds that you inspired the customers to open multiple accounts, you will be suspended too! 

Why Crickex affiliate is your best choice?

crickex affiliate commission

Well, here is the reason:

  • Their manager operates your account well. So If you face any trouble, they will quickly fix your problem at any time. 
  • Crickex affiliate commission is handsome and more impressive than any other platform. 
  • Crickex allows you to take your commission in your local mobile banking account. The system is relatively so smooth and so fast.
  • Crickex and crickex VIP affiliate accounts are both safe. They promised to secure your every kind of information. 
  • Crickex affiliate is so safe and trusted; they have been in this business for a long time. 

We are all done! We gather all the resources and hard work to make this article only for you. But if you still have any kind of condition about the crickex affiliate commission, just contact us to resolve your issue. 




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