Crickex affiliate step by step guide

Crickex affiliate Step by step guide: Online money-making has created a huge opportunity for people who want to use their brains virtually. Now a day people make money in many ways. They are using their skills and knowledge to make a passive income. Well, if we come to knowledge, it must be said that every people has specific knowledge about a specific topic. 

A doctor knows about the disease, Scientist has scientific knowledge. A sportsman has knowledge about sports. And also a man who watches sports has similar knowledge as well as a sportsman, right? 
And this knowledge can be used to earn a good profit. Introducing CRICKEX!

What is crickex?

Cricex is one of the most popular cricket betting sites that originated in India and is also controlled by India. In the last few years, cricex become one of the top betting sites in the world. 

Cricket has almost 10 kinds of betting options and huge market coverage. Also offering bonuses and promotions to their valuable users. 

We will learn more about crickex in our whole article and also would learn about our main topic “crickex affiliate step by step guide”

If you don’t have enough knowledge about cricket betting, let me just explain in some words…

What is cricket betting?

cricket betting

Well, betting is a well-known word to all of us. But cricket has some specific betting options. Such as:

  • Match Winner 
  • Top run scorer 
  • Top wicket-taker 
  • Most sixes 
  • Man of the Match 
  • Scorecast Total runs in the match 
  • Highest opening partnership 
  • Method of dismissal 
  • Total boundaries in the match

The betting platform fixed a percentage of the outcome before the action happens. They use probability to fix the percentage. For example:

  • The winning percentage of Bangladesh is 20%
  • And the winning percentage of India is 80%

In the bet, if we go for Bangladesh, we will take almost a 500% payout! And If we go for India, almost 120% of the payout will be given to you.

But, the percentage is not fixed, it can go up or down, and this is why sports betting can also be called sports trading. Often better to take their situation using previous history and other analytical data. 

But the question is: How to make money using this betting platform without any kind of risk? Or, If I don’t have enough idea about cricket or cricket betting, how can I make a handsome amount of profit using these platforms? Well, the answer is “Affiliate Program”

What is the Affiliate program?

Crickex Affiliate program

An affiliate program is a kind of marketing strategy, where the advertiser offers a good amount of commission to the publisher, who will introduce the advertiser’s services of goods or products to their audience. 

The affiliate is usually given a unique link, code, or promo code when they refer customers or their audience. 

Affiliate marketing is a huge opportunity for bloggers, YouTubers, and social media personalities. Now, you can also make money if you have an original platform with a good quality real audience or if you have a good idea about marketing. 

Crickex Affiliate Program

Crickex Affiliate

Crickex is a popular betting company since 2015. Like other companies, they also have affiliate programs to increase their customers. Many famous youtube channel and blog sites do their promotion by using the given promo codes. You may know some of them! 

However, to become an affiliate partner you need to verify your account with a NID card, that’s means it is a little-beat a hard process. However, we will learn about the Crickex affiliate Step by step guide in a very short time!  

Why Crickex affiliate?|Offer|Conditions

Crickex affiliate Offer

Cricex offers an affiliate program to increase their business while affiliate partners can also be benefited. But you need to know about some conditions and offers before becoming an affiliate partner.

  • Cricex offers almost a maximum of 40% commission on the lifetime deposit of customers who will the affiliate partner’s promo codes.
  • Available in Indian subcontinent countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
  • You can withdraw your revenue using local mobile banking systems like Paytm, PKcash, Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, and many more. 
  • 24 Hours in 7 Days live chat service
  • Withdrawal will be handed over in just 24 hours. 
  • Your personal information like Name, Mobile number, IP address, and Bank information will be safe and secure. 
  • Crickex is so trusted sports betting platform and is very reputable. 

Crickex affiliate Step by step guide: Become An Cricex partner

Now, in this part of this article we will learn how to become a crickex partner using some simple steps:

  • Visit the Crickex official website: Click here
  • Click “Become a partner”
Cricex affiliate partner
  • Signup or log in with your original information such as Name, email, username, and other necessary things. 
Cricex affiliate registration
  • Now scroll down and click on “Affiliate”
Cricex affiliate join
  • Click join us!
Cricex affiliate activation
  • Sign Up with Crickex VIP
Sign Up with Crickex VIP
  • The authority will take some time to review your account 
crickex under review
  • After reviewing your account, you will get a promo code, which can be used to refer anyone. 

NOTE: NID Verification and Identity verification is required* Must Be 18 years of age*

Is crickex safe | Is crickex legal in India?

Crickex affiliate
crickex legal in India

Crickex is a safe platform, and they never licked their user information. But is quite hard to say that betting is legal in India. No, it is not( According to the Gambling Rules – 1867) – but you can be quite sure that you can safely bet on this platform as they promised that they won’t lick your information. 

However you can also be arrested while betting on an online platform if the authority is tracking your device and network- so you need to make sure about your safety. Betting or Gambling is prohibited according to Islamic Shariah

In this article, we tried to discuss the whole process of Crickex affiliate programs and the Crickex affiliate Step by step guide. We learned about the most important point that you need to know and also tried our level best to explain sports betting. But if you still have any problem with our article just comment below or be connected with us! 

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