bKash Betting Site In Bangladesh 2024

Bkash betting site in Bangladesh is the most popular. Because users get opportunities to deposit and withdraw easily and instantly. In this gambling article, I will explore all the sites that accept bKash mobile payments in Bangladesh. On topics, we continue with bKash betting site deposit and withdrawals, bKash transaction limits, deposit bonus with bKash betting site, etc. Moreover, if you want to withdrawals and deposit with bKash from betting then the time limits. So, let’s start to cover all the bKash betting site in Bangladesh.

bKash Betting Sites And Bonuses Limit

Over the few years, the bKash payment method is most popular in Bangladesh. Very quickly you can transfer the fund between online casino sites. Behind the online betting site popularity in Bangladesh is using easy bKash transactions on online betting sites. So, here I am going to mention some popular online betting sites that accept bKash deposits and withdrawals.

Bikash, a fully owned subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited, offers bank-led mobile financial services in Bangladesh with Bangladesh Bank’s approval and license.
It makes it simple and safe for people in Bangladesh to send and receive money using their mobile phones.

1xbet bKash Betting Site

1xbet bKash betting site gives you the instant welcome bonus of 100% up to 15000 BDT. Create an account and take your money.

To deposit money in 1xbet using bKash, follow these steps:

Go to the 1xbet login link and access your account.

Click your “Deposit” button on just the right side of your page.

Select “bKash” as the payment method.

Now put the amount that you wish to deposit and click “Next”.

You will be redirected to the bKash website to complete the transaction. Follow the prompts to enter your bKash account information and complete the payment.

Once the payment is complete, the funds will be credited to your 1xbet account.

Note: It is important to ensure that you are using a secure connection when making payments online, as well as to verify that the website you are using is legitimate.

Bkash Safe And Secure

It is well known as a trailblazing app among international suppliers of mobile banking services. To develop the platform, BRAC Bank Limited of Bangladesh and Money in Motion LLC of the US partnered in 2010. When the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group joined the project in April 2013, Bikash was added as an equity partner. Vikas can thus be used without worry.

Bkash transaction fees and times

Maximum Transaction Minimum Transaction Fee 30,000 50 N/A.

How to deposit money in a betting site with Bkash

  • You may utilize the “Add Money” button on the Bkash app.
  • Click on the correct button to switch to a credit or debit card development.
  • If you are transferring money to your own Bkash account, choose “My Account,” and if you are sending money to someone else’s Bkash account, choose “Other Account.”
  • Your debit card number, name as it appears on the card, expiration date, and CVV code must be provided.
  • There will be a One-Time Password (OTP) supplied. Enter the OTP, then choose “Continue.”
  • There will be a transfer of the desired sum to you.

Deposit Bonus With Bkash Payments

Since Bkash is a Bangladeshi app, not all bookmakers accept payments through it. Thus, the amount of benefit offered by development is little. But even if you utilize Bkash, every betting website and app gives a welcome bonus. Always make an effort to receive this nice bonus.

Top Bkash Betting Site In Bangladesh

The top betting sites in Bangladesh for betting are listed below:

MelBet With Bkash Deposit

MELbet focuses its selection of live betting and streaming video choices for sports bettors. Additionally, it offers respectable odds for the bulk of sporting events.

1xBet with Bkash deposit

Sports bettors may take advantage of 1xBet’s great odds, an extensive selection of games and betting options, exclusive promotions, live streaming, and more. This is a betting site that accepts development and is from Bangladesh.

22Bet with Bkash deposit

For sports bettors using desktops or mobile devices, the Bangladeshi betting site 22Bet offers a great user experience. There are several events available with substantial rewards, live streaming, and a selection of betting options.

Popular Online Games For Bkash Betting

In Bangladesh, the top 3 sports for wagering are:

Cricket Betting with Bkash

There is no denying cricket’s supremacy in the world of sports. A number of Bangladeshi cricket fans are involved in cricket betting in Bangladesh. The popularity of the sport increased after the Bangladeshi national team’s triumphs in 1997 (when they won the ICC Trophy) and 1999 (when they became the first team to qualify for the Cricket World Cup).

Football Betting With Bkash

Football has a long history in Bangladesh and is becoming more and more popular every. Numerous spectators follow the BPL and La Liga, as well as regional and international competitions. Football wagering is fairly common.

Basketball Betting With Bkash

In Bangladesh’s metropolitan regions, basketball is a well-liked sport that schoolchildren learn to play early in life. The NBA has gained a following among kids in English-medium schools.

Risk and benefits of bKash payments


  • Fast account creation
  • Quick QR betting payment processes.
  • To check your account balance, simply tap.


  • All financial transactions frequently experience delays because of frequent server failures.
  • It is impossible to close the position or use of VPN.

Alternative Payment option of bKash in Bangladesh

Visa card or Mastercard used in betting site site

Visa provides a service through specific merchant websites. It adds an additional layer of protection to your online purchases. Also regardless of whether you wish to conduct business on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or any other digital device. As a result, many punters use VISA cards over betting sites.

Cryptocurrency use in Betting site

An incredibly quick and anonymous payment option is cryptocurrency. It is well-liked due to its quickness and security. In a word, cryptocurrency is the best way to pay anonymously someone. As gambling is not allowed in Bangladesh bookmakers are chose to use Crypto in BD.

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