Velki Live Online Betting site Login Registration 2024 is an online betting site in Bangladesh. 9wickit sister online betting site. The site is lunch newly by the 9wicket admin group. Punters from Bangladesh are so many curiosity about online casinos. As a result, huge numbers of young people are addicted to this gambling activities. For online betting, demand users are searching new and trusted sites for crecket betting. Velki live is a border bet site built by the 9wicket team. If you are a user or want to join an online betting site then you might join with gambling website in Bangladesh. Velki bet site is trusted among the user.

Simply search with www velki live or go with link to quick access. Check everything about the Velki betting site. We mention all the topics about Velki online betting apps and websites.

Velki Site Proxy Link

The velki proxy link gives you quick access to the site. Velki official site is down then you can visit this mirror link. Velki alternative link helps you to continue betting activities smoothly.

How to open an account on Velki live

Velki is a – agent-based betting website. To open an account and make a deposit on the Velki bet site, you need to take the help of an agent. You cannot open an account or make deposits or withdrawals without an agent. You have to deposit or withdraw through the agent through which you open the account. So choosing the right agent is important. If you transact with someone outside of this agent list, you must transact at your own risk.

No agent outside the list shall bear the liability and all liability of the agents of the list shall be the responsibility of the company. Users have to contact agents of the agent list only through WhatsApp. Communication or transaction through any other medium than WhatsApp will not be accepted. If you want to contact them on WhatsApp, click on the WhatsApp icon in the agent list or you can save the phone number on your mobile and send them a message on WhatsApp. WhatsApp app must already be on your mobile. If not, install it from Google Play. For other help:

  • Click on the link below to see our agent list:
All 9wickit Agent List
  • Whatsapp number for information and help:
+85578535919 (sky owner)
To know all the rules in detail, visit our help site:

Facebook group link:

Official Velki live fakebook group:

Click on the link below to contact Velki Live customer service:

Velki live helpline

Before opening an account read their terms and conditions. It is very important to know the conditions:

How To Transaction In Velki Live?

Bettors can transact with Bkash / Nagot / Rocket or other mobile banking in Bangladesh.

When the user sends money to the agent and then the agent sends money to the user:-

  • If the user sends money to the agent’s Bikash Personal. He gets 10 points or sends money for 1020 BDT.
  • The user sends money to the agent’s Bkash number then the agent will cash out 1000 BDT for 10 points.
  • If the agent sends money to the user’s Bikash Personal, the agent will cash in 1000 BDT for 10 points.
  • The agent sends money to the user’s development agent, he will cash out 980 BDT for 10 points.

The time limit for Bkash / Cash / Rocket or other mobile banking:-

  • Mobile banking hours are 9:45 AM to 1 PM, followed by 3 PM to 9:45 PM.
  • No transaction can be done outside this period. The company will not take responsibility if anyone sends money after 9:45 PM.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Users can deposit 1 time and withdraw 1 time per day. Every time before sending money – ask for the Bkash, Nagot, and Rocket numbers from the agent. It is mandatory.

How do bank transactions Velki Live?

  • Any amount below Tk 1 lakh cannot be deposited or withdrawn in the bank.
  • If a user deposits into a bank, it may take up to 2 days for us to verify the deposit.
  • If a user wants to withdraw from the bank – he will get the withdrawal on the next day and will have to pay a withdrawal charge of 1000 BDT per lakh.

Velki Live Betting Site Terms And Conditions

Follow those Velki bet site terms and instructions for a better experience in this Bangladeshi Sports Betting platform. All the master agents and supper agents even all the Velki users are bound by these rules and regulations.

  • As you know Velki bet site is operated by the Betfair betting platform so every circumstance subject to be Betfair rules and decisions. In order to the Velki online betting platform, user must unconditionally accept any type of decision of Betfair and Velki bet site management.

Instruction And Condition For Velki Members

  • Before buying a point from any agent, transaction information is known to the agent. Also, it is very important to know that the agent deal with only one at a time.
  • If any user sends the money to any agent before 9:45 AM and after 10:00 PM then Velki Bet authorities do not take responsibility for this transaction.
  • Collect points within the next 2 hours after sending Bkash and Nogat money from the agent. After that time it will not count.
  • Take a screenshot at 9:30 AM in Bangladeshi time from your Velki Live online betting account balance. It helps to understand your account point calculations.
  • If the agent deposits or withdrawals any amount without user permission- the agent must complain to his agent if his agent does not respond then complain to the super agent. Even if the super agent does not respond then immediately complain to the Velki admin.
  • Mistakenly if the agent deposits any amount to the user account then the user does not use to bet on that points. Anyway, user won with the points than the Velki authority takes any decision.
  • Store your WhatsApp and massager info for at least 15 days for better communication and use only 1 Facebook ID for 1 Velki Live user.
  • When the game is over wait at least 15 minutes to 1 hour for points back to your account. At this time don’t complain. Also before playing casinos and other games know the rules.
  • If any complaints about the calculation of points are made to Betfair, the solution given by them should be accepted by the user. Because the agent has nothing to do here.

Betfair or Velki Site Terms:

  • If the Betfair betting site makes any mistake then it can or does resettlement later. Sometimes it settles by looking at its own score. Their own scores may not match the scores of other websites.
  • How many points a bet earns – is decided by Betfair. If any points are deducted due to any mistake of Betfair – in that case, users can complain to the Facebook group to its agent, or to customer service.
  • For server issues or any other technical issue, the Velki users take the destination by Velki management.
  • Based on the result of a game – bets are settled. But under Betfair’s terms, they have the power – to decide how bets on a game are settled – for themselves. That means they have to accept the decision beyond the result.

Velki Bet Void:

  • Betfair or Velky live betting site may void any Bet at any time.
  • There are so many reasons or rules for canceling bets. For this rule see the Bet Void Rules link.
  • If the bet is void – the profit loss of that bet will be nothing.
  • We can try to find out why the bet was canceled – from Velki or Betfair. The user has to accept whatever they say as the reason.

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