9wickets Proxy Link 1 Login Velki Account Instantly 2024

9wickets proxy link 1: Betting is an ample opportunity for people with enough knowledge about sports. Click to login to your account and start betting on Velki and 9wickets accounts.

9wickets Proxy Link 2: Betting is not legal in every country. Some 3rd world countries and some Muslim countries are strict about betting. They took “0% tolerance” about bets or glamping! So, sometimes you need to use alternative betting site links. Bellow check the 9wickets proxy link 2 if the 9wickets proxy link not working.

9wickets is one of the most popular betting companies that control some of the well-known betting platforms in the world. 

And guess what – A country like Bangladesh has banned its domain. It was banned in 2019 by the ICT department of the Government Republic Bangladesh. 

But the game still needed to be finished! 9wickets opened an alternative proxy link to get access to their website. Using this link, you can easily access their site and bet as much as you want. 

So, in this article, we will share the “9wickets proxy link 1”, which is the main alternative proxy link of 9wickets. Besides this – let’s talk about 9wickets services and offers in detail. 

What is 9wickets?

9wickets proxy link 1
what is 9wickets?

9wickets is a betting revolution in Bangladesh, basically powered by Betfair. It is a Bangladeshi platform but famous all around the world. 

They started their journey in 2017. More than 60+ country has accepted this platform and has a considerable number of customers.  

But unfortunately, the government of Bangladesh banned their website IP address in Bangladesh. In 2019, the government of Bangladesh played action against the casino and online betting platforms- and 9wickets became a victim. 

What is nayaludis.com?

9wickets proxy link 1
what is nayaludis?

Nayaludis is a betting platform controlled by 9wickets. If you browse 9wickets proxy link 1 You can bet on cricket, football, or any other international sports matches. Besides this online casino and other betting system is also available. It has accepted more than five payment methods or withdrawal systems. They also started their affiliate program, where you can make lifetime passive income if you have enough marketing knowledge. 

9wickets proxy link 1 (must use)

9wickets proxy link 1
9 wickets proxy link 1

There are many more alternative links, but the 9wickets proxy link is more secure and safe than any other link. You may use link 2, link 3, or link 4… 

But we always recommend you to use 9wickets proxy link 1. Remember, it is a must. We recommend you to make bookmark this thing in your web browser and access directly! 

You can easily access the 9wickets betting exchange platform or 9wickets proxy link 1 by clicking this button below.


 9wickets Registration| Offer and services

9wickets proxy link 1
special offers of 9 wickets

In this part,  we will discuss some basic procedures for registering in 9wickets. 

At the article’s beginning, we discussed needing a proxy link to access 9wickets. However, we already have our most wanted “9 wicket proxy link”. But the registration procedure is more complex. You need to contact with 9wickets agent. To connect, you simply follow this link- 9wickets OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUP.

Or, to get agent contact information, simply click on this link: All agent list of 9wickets and velki.

Let’s talk about the fantastic offer from “9wickets”:

9wickets is a totally free platform. You don’t need to pay even a single cent to get this logistic support.

9wickets BD Membership and Additional Information

9wickets proxy link 1
membership plan for Bangladeshi 9wickets user

Well, in the 9wickets platform, the amount of deposit is fixed, this fixed amount portion is called ” subscription”

There are four subscription packages if you want a 9wickets BD membership. Those are:-

Silver Subscription package

This is the basic subscription package of their platform. Because the deposit amount is quite low – just 2 Dollars only. 

Deposit: 2$

Golden Subscription package

The golden subscription package will give you some extra benefits. You will also be able to access the affiliate program if you buy this subscription package. Where you can make some extra money – and it is totally risk-free. 

For your kind concern, one of the famous betting exchange platforms named crickex also has its own affiliate program.  

To learn about the crickex affiliate program click here: Crickex affiliate step by step guide

Deposit: 10$

Premium subscription package

This is the most famous package. If you are professional or trying to be professional in trading, this package is recommended for you. Well, you can also take this package free of cost. If you bring three customers on the 9wickets platform, you can access this package free of charge. But remember minimum deposit is required. 

Deposit: 50$

Platinum subscription package

If you are a pro in sports betting then this subscription is recommended for you. However, 9wickets is offering a 6-month free subscription if you can bring 9 friends to your account by using your referral link. But remember deposit is a must. You will be able to get some of the specific facilities if you are enjoying a free subscription. 

Deposit: 100$> (or more) 

How to ensure security in a betting platform like 9wickets?

Betting is getting hard, not because sports are becoming unpredictable but for government formalities and restrictions. Let’s talk about some tips to ensure 99.99% safety in a betting platform. 

That’s all for today! We tried to make your concept clear about 9wickets proxy link 1 and make a details discussion. If you have benefited from our article, that is our success!


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